Christmas Party Planning Tips

Christmas Party Planning Tips

Have you started to plan or organise for your Christmas party yet?

If you have not, don't worry! Here are some useful tips:

1. Gather The Right Info

Try to get most of the information for your party as soon as possible. You can try to confirm details soon, such as:
- How many guests (adults and kids) would be attending
- Which location
- Date and time
- Budget
- Christmas menu items
- Christmas party decorations


2. Create a Plan

It would help you greatly if you stay organised, and work along timelines. Start by creating a timeline to match different items to be checked off, such as invitation, booking for food delivery, venue etc.


3. Choose a Theme

Parties that are memorable usually have a theme. So you can consider if you'd like to have a Christmas theme. It can be super simple, such as deciding on a color theme or style.

After deciding on the theme, you will naturally know which type of decorations, food and desserts to get!


4. Food & Dessert

Yes, there are still a lot of caterers who fulfill orders with 3 days time; but still, order early in case their slots are full!

For desserts, don't forget to check our Christmas menu and next day collection items!

If there are going to be quite a handful of children in the party, don't forget to include some non-spicy, kids friendly food in the main menu. You can also prepare some individually packed snacks or cookies for them!

Oh! Don't forget our DIY cookie set - it allows the kids to have some creativity in decorating their cookies, and the adults can have some time relaxing!

There are also a lot of free coloring printables online - print them out and give the kids some color pencils for coloring!


5. Stay calm and keep your cheer! :)

Planning for parties or dinners last minute can be stressful, just keep in mind the fun time that's about to come! That's what holidays are all about :)

Wishing you a very blessed time together with your loved ones this holiday season!