Ordering Standard/Party Items

Welcome to Petite Joy Bakes!

Over here at our webstore, you can purchase standard cakes and desserts easily, with just convenient clicks of your mouse!


Ordering Process - Standard Items


And because we love personalising stuff - we are happy to offer you options to personalise our standard items! Standard bakes are available within ordering lead time of 3 days.


Ordering Process - Personalise Standard Cakes


(1) Select a standard cake.
(2) Select any add-ons such as sprinkles, fondant decorations, celebration candles from Meri Meri, as well as acrylic and cardstock toppers.


Other than standard cakes, we also have ready designed cakes for you! These party cakes are available with ordering lead time of 3-5 days.

Ordering Process - Tips

Still have questions? Feel free to click the "Message Us" button at the lower right corner of our webstore - get in touch with us via Whatsapp or call. Email (petitejoybakes@gmail.com) would be great if you have some visuals to show us!

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