Cake Care

Buttercream cakes may be a little different, compared to the usual fresh cream cakes that we are used to. Here are some cake care tips for that great display in your party!


1.  Transporting It
Should you opt for self-collection, please ensure that you transport the cake on a level surface at all times.

We recommend placing onto the floor board, or passenger seat only if your passenger seat is flat (ie not inclined). Please do not place the cake and desserts into the car boot, unless the car is a hatch-back, where there will be cool air circulating in the boot area. Also ensure that cake is not exposed to direct sunlight.


2.  Storing It
We usually recommend collecting the cake, or opting for delivery near to your event time.

Refrigeration is not required if you are serving the cake within 3h, or unless otherwise stated to you.

Our buttercream cakes are stable in room temperature for up to 4 hours, ie they DO NOT melt in normal room temperature. However, buttercream being buttercream, do exercise reasonable care in storing and displaying the cake. Please do not place cake near direct heat or under direct sun, ie not near BBQ pit or under the sun in a beach. Do not also leave the cake unattended in a car without aircon or in the boot where there is no air circulation. We cannot be liable for damages in such situations.

Should you require refrigeration, please ensure you bring the cake out from the fridge 30-60 mins before hand. We recommend bringing the cake out from the fridge to an air-con environment, to prevent condensation on any fondant decorations.

Do not leave the cake and desserts in a car unattended and without air-con.


3.  Displaying It
We recommend receiving the cake at venue about 30 mins before guests come in, so that you can have enough time setting up the decor.

Please ensure that you set up the cake on a strong and sturdy table. If you are displaying on a cake stand, we recommend a cake stand with at least 12" plate. If you are displaying a 2 tier cake, it is recommended to get a shorter stand for stability.