Mermaid Theme Cake for Ms Christina

1) Customised Cake Design Details:
- Tall 6" Oreo Chocolate Cake
- Color Theme: Solid Teal Buttercream Frosting
- Fondant Decorations: 2 Mermaid Tails on Top of Cake (Pink & Purple with Gold Brush) // Name "MIREI" (gold) on the front part of cake // Purple / Pink / Teal tones sea shells, seaweed & creatures deco around cake
- Pearl sprinkles & Gold star sprinkles as required

Details Pic Reference:
- Mermaid Tails & Sea Creatures Deco
- Name (Floral Font in Gold )

Please note pictures are for illustration purposes and reference only. Actual design may tweak slightly for aesthetics reasons. Take a look at our IG feed for a feel of our work :)


2) 24 Pc Mini Cupcakes in Mermaid Theme
- Purple / Teal Buttercream Swirl Frosting
- Sprinkles & Sea Shell Deco
- Oreo Choc Vanilla Flavor

Cake $145 + $55

Include 12 Pc Mailing List Promo Free Fruit Tartlets