Ombre Cake with Fondant Balloons

Ombre Cake with Fondant Balloons

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This design features an ombre buttercream cake, white chocolate drip and name in fondant. It also includes a fondant topper for age (single digit) and a bunch of balloons. Please enter age in Notes box.

Fondant balloons will be packed separately for stability in transporting the cake. 

While we take care to ensure the standard look of the party cakes, there may be slight variation to the color and textured frosting, as all cakes are handmade.

Personalise the cake for your celebration with fondant words, sprinkles or toppers!

Serving Size:
- 6" Cake for 10-14 Pax
- 8" Cake for 22-26 Pax
- 2 Tier Cake (6"+8") for 32-50 Pax

The above serving size is based on 1" x 2" x 3". A taller cake can be cut into smaller serving per slice to serve more guests.

Collection & Delivery: Please ensure you select the right delivery zone during the check-out process. See here for more collection/delivery info.

Should you require changes or customisation to the design of party cakes, please do not cart out. Get in touch with us on your requirements. Customisation charges will apply. We strive to reply your enquiry within 3 working days.

Alternatively, you can also partially customise standard cakes by adding on sprinkles, fancy candles and toppers.

If you are looking at a serving or size that is not reflected here, please email, or call / Whatsapp us 8775 4468